Augusta 70.3

This was my first experience doing two 70.3 on consecutive Sundays, also known as a double, and what an experience it was.   First of all I should mention, although i’m sure I mentioned it in my last race report, Branson was an extremely difficult hilly race with a very hot run. Therefore, I knew that recovering from these effects was going to be longer than expected and I only had a week until my next race. I also had a 6.5 hour drive home immediately after the race in Branson which again is not optimal. At one pit stop I thought Carley was going to have to carry me to the restroom as my legs were seized in the driving position. After being 5th last weekend my goal was to be top 5 again as well as gain some fitness and really push myself for the remainder of the season. 
Travel to the race went very smooth thanks to Jeff Manly who picked me up in Atlanta as he was traveling from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Thanks Jeff for making this travel so relaxing and enjoyable. Race prep went I was able to relax and read most of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” novel that I stole from Carley just before I left.

As we prepared for the swim it was starting to rain and I knew the roads would be slick and I would have to be careful.  Then standing on the start line it occurred to me that I had far too much air in my tires for the slick, wet conditions. The swim was fairly fast, there was a current in the water and it seemed a bit short, exiting in 19 minutes. I ran through T1 and ended up running out with Yoder and Cunningham and we immediately started to chase a handful of guys that were slightly ahead.

At mile 15, after unsuccessfully trying to catch the lead group, I made the mistake of riding steady waiting for some riders coming up behind to set the pace as I thought eventually this new formed group would catch the long group forming one long pack. Then the rain played havoc on on chances I had of a decent ride. I nearly crashed twice, ending up in a ditch in the mud and having to unclip and get off my bike. In hindsight I should have 1: let some air out of my tires, they were way too slick and 2: committed early on and bridged up to the lead group rather than allowing the second pack to catch me. 
Riding scared because of the rain cost me some major time for the rest of the bike portion. I lost a few minutes to the main contenders of the race, but after almost going down in the rain I was scared to hit the pavement. I took every corner slow and lost a lot of time on any sort of fast sections with water starting to accumulate on the road. 
After T2 I wanted to make the best of the day so I started to get after things with an aggressive first loop on the run. I ended up catching (Evoe, Graves, Park, Cotter, Yoder) and I almost caught 10th and 9th place but I needed another mile for the run. My legs were starting to hurt badly and I ended up finishing in 11th in 3:57. It leaves me wondering how I would have ran if I had rode with the main group into T2. 
It was not the position I would have liked, and I definitely made some mistakes that cost me a lot of time. One of these days I will put an ideal swim/bike together which will allow me to run with the leaders. I am more motivated then ever after watching this opportunity slip away. 
Congrats to all of the athletes that finished in Augusta. Thanks to Andrew Montes and Jeff Manley for helping me out with racing again so soon after Branson. Also big thanks to K-SWISS, Colonels Bikes, Powerbar, HTFU, and my coach Cliff English. 
Next up is Austin 70.3 in a few weeks time. 
ESi Ironman 70.3 Augusta
Augusta, GA / September 26, 2010
1.2 mile swim / 56 mile bike / 13.1 mile run

Top 10 men

1. Maksym Kriat (UKR) 3:46:54
2. Richie Cunningham (AUS) 3:47:12
3. Victor Zyemtsev (UKR) 3:47:36
4. Chris Legh (AUS) 3:48:23
5. David Kahn (USA) 3:50:59
6. Nick Waninger (USA) 3:51:38
7. Tony White (USA) 3:53:51
8. Marko Albert (EST) 3:55:26
9. Kent Horner (RSA) 3:56:12
10. Guy Crawford (NZL) 3:57:27 
 11.Brent Poulsen(CAN) 3:57:34


Domestique Diaries- 9-9-10!!!


Happy Ever After!

Ok I confess it's been far too long for a domestique diaries post, but I do have a good excuse.  On 9-9-10 this domestique became a legal domestique. We had a small ceremony in Aruba with family and close friends. Although it was in the middle of Brent's season we planned it between some key races, he was able to do all of his training, that's right he trained everyday while in Aruba! I don't even think he ate our wedding cake, but don't worry I ate his share. Everything was fabulous, and we had a wonderful wedding ceremony. It was absolutely perfect!

The attendees- Family and close Friends- We love you!
The Newlyweds!
Obviously our photo shoot included running!

Our Beautiful ceremony on the beach in Aruba!

We came back from Aruba, and didn't even have time to unpack or catch up on laundry and we were off again to Branson where my new husband came 5th.  After Branson Brent was home another short 5 days and was off to Augusta!

We are finally home, at least until next week and are enjoying the newlywed phase.  Our newlywed phase is a little different than most people as it consists primarily of gluten free cooking, 8pm bedtimes and stretching and core work! However, we are having a great time!

Happy living,


Branson 70.3 Report

Branson 70.3 Race Report
This past Sunday I raced the K-SWISS Branson 70.3 Ironman Triathlon in Branson, MO.

I was a little unsure of how things would go as I was in Aruba getting married the previous week before the race. I knew it would be extremely competitive as well as a hard bike ride being in the Ozark Mountains.


Being a beach start I am always at a disadvantage over some taller athlete’s as they can get an extra step or two before diving into the water. Quickly I got on James Cotter’s feet and eventually had to move around Mike Lovato and continue my push to chase the leaders. I thought Mike was swimming on Cotters feet and things were good until I looked up and realized he had let a bit of a gap go. I continued to push and eventually pulled up a big pack in the shore for the last 900m stretch. I had a super fast transition and blasted up the road to chase the leaders.
Carley's awesome camera caught the dive in!!


After a quick transition I caught T.J and James and continued to ride strong before Ben Hoffman and Cotter would pass me for the second time soon after that. I rode super strong the first loop making up some time on Brian Fleishman with Steven Hackett who were bit further up the road. I rode in 5th place most of the ride on an extremely hilly bike course in the Ozark mountain’s.

I faded a bit but still kept a really strong tempo going to hold off Tollakson and Lovado and keep Cotter and Fleishman some what in sight. At mile 50 Tollakson went ripping by me and I rode with him and eventually came in just behind him into transition 2.
Just getting on the bike!


Running out of T2 I knew I had rode strong but my legs were shot. I passed T.J at the 1mile marker and kept moving forward putting time into James. On lap 2 of the run Lovato passed me and I was now in survival mode trying to finish the race. The temperature was well over 90 degrees and there was no shade. If it wasn’t for my beautiful wife taking photos and yelling at me to catch the athlete running ahead I would have faded further back.

I wish my run legs were with me on Sunday but my swim/bike was a definite step in the right direction for racing the rest of the season. I ended up finishing 5th so that was great after being on vacation the week before. I have to say the top 6 male's at Branson were some of the nicest athlete's i have had a chance to race with.
Thanks to Kiwami and HTFU for this awesome race suit!

Ironman 70.3 Branson

Branson, Missouri – September 19, 2010

1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run


1. Ben Hoffman (USA) 4:02:53

2. Tom Lowe (GBR) 4:05:38

3. Michael Lovato (USA) 4:11:04

4. James Cotter (USA) 4:14:36

5. Brent Poulsen (USA) 4:15:14

I would like to thank K-SWISS, Colonels Bikes, PowerBar, HTFU, Kiwami and my coach Cliff English @ cliffenglishcoaching.com for there continued support. Next up is Augusta 70.3 this Sunday. Thanks for reading,