Domestique Diaries- How Much Longer until Next Season Starts?

So Brent has this week off completely from training and i’m not sure who is going more stir crazy me or him. We were in a pretty solid routine of training, working and working out prior to this off season. I did just about everything around the house mostly because I enjoy it, and largely because I’m a control freak. So I would have everything done around the house while Brent trained every night till 7:30pm and all weekend. Well this week the roles have changed and we are both having a hard time adjusting to it.

For starters, by Wednesday I should easily have a full load of laundry with training gear and another with “work” clothes. This week I don’t even have one full load. Next dinners, Brent is making most of them, but making a mess of the kitchen at the same time, i’m trying to shut my mouth and enjoy the assistance. While i’m at the gym, Brent is picking up the house, making my lunch unloading the dishwasher, so when I get home I’m lost! Literally on a normal week I don’t even have time to shower after the gym until right before bed because I’m too busy doing all the things that need to be done, I can’t leave things undone! Now, we both have time to relax and sit there and we are stunned! We also don’t really watch TV mostly because we have never had time and also because neither of us can attend to a whole show.

Another problem is that Brent and I are both people who can’t sit around and do nothing. Sometimes we even argue over who is going to do the chore, cause we both want to. Most of the time we just do it together. Last night we both literally changed a light bulb!

We also went to Best Buy to buy some new Wii games. We bought family game night and Brent’s favourite Wheel of Fourtune. Well these are really helping and along with other fun things like lounging in the hot tub, doing Yoga and core, and going for long walks we are really starting to enjoy this! Also, the Christmas tree will be up and organized in no time!

I just hope I don’t get too used to this since it will only happen for a week and then it’s back to the 8:30pm post gym shower.

You know you are married to a triathlete when:
-Off Season leaves you feeling lost with no bottles to wash/fill, laundry to do and chores to do!
-You just realized that the foam roller, muscle spray, Yoga mat and computrainer have a home that is NOT in the middle of your living room floor!
-You knew it all along but finally could prove that the 12 pairs of K-Swiss running shoes on the shoe rack were not all simultaneously being used for training purposes and the unused ones got new homes too!

Happy Off Season,


World Championships- Can I get a do-over?

Based on my training and racing over the past month leading into Clearwater I thought I was in pretty decent shape for a top 10 performance as long as I executed the race correctly. 
I had a few little mistakes and some shifting chain problems caused me to stop on the bike, but I broke one of my common rules of racing “it’s not over till its over” 
After a bad start on the swim I was forced to swim through some slower swimmers exiting the water just behind the large train. I rode hard the first 5 miles eventually riding and pacing with  Jeff Symonds (CAN), Leon Griffin (AUS), Chris Legh (AUS), Maxim Krait (UKR) and Kevin Collington (USA). 
Going around a turnaround at approximately mile 25 I made a couple of shifting mistakes and was left pedaling backwards trying to get my chain back on my bike. Eventually it caught around my crank and I came to a complete stop and was forced to get off fix it. At this point my shifters didn’t want to cooperate and I was forced to try and set the chain in a good gear to get going. By the time I got back on my bike the group was long gone and out of site.

I rode the second half of the race extremely slow and angry but getting off the bike I decided to run it out and finish to add a few points to my 2011 qualifying procedure. Watching the race unfold was difficult to watch as some of the guys I was riding with were easily in the top 10. 
It did give me a huge amount of motivation to come back next year and execute what I came to do this year. Well the season is done I finished with a 5th, two 6th, two 8th places, an 11th and 30th place finishes this season. It is now time for some rest and recovery.  
I would like to thank COLONELS BIKES, K-SWISS, HTFU, POWERBAR, LOUIS GARNEAU, KIWAMI, XTERRA and my coach Cliff English. I would also like to thank my training partners that helped me get ready for this race, there were a lot of early hard mornings these past few months! Also a special thanks to Carley she was the biggest help in making sure I was ready to go in Florida! Even though I got a text message after the race stating she almost threw my computrainer out the window while she watched online. 
The season had its ups and downs but overall it was solid for the most part. 
Until next season, I am left with wishing I had a do over. This is my motivation for the off season and what an off season it will be.

Until next season,
Thanks for reading,