EnduroPacks Review

EnduroPacks Review- Brent Poulsen
Vitamins are like an insurance policy; we anticipate the utmost benefits/standards. As a professional athlete who eats healthy and trains hard, I am also aware that I need a multivitamin supplement to ensure I am energized, and feeling well throughout my daily workouts. When I first heard about Enduropacks I was in frantic search for a good multivitamin that would leave me feeling more energized and ward off winter sickness. I had tried numerous other brands that left me feeling tired and some that even upset my stomach. I also wanted a multivitamin with “normal” percentages of daily recommended intakes. As soon as I tried the Enduropack liquid multivitamin I knew it was for me. I only need 1 tablespoon in the morning before training and it tastes excellent.  The ease and absorption of a liquid maximizes all vitamins and minerals. It also contains a brown rice protein stabilizing agent for maximum bioavailability. I feel energized all day long, and have not missed any winter training due to sickness. And now as oppose to taking 4-8 pills in a day, I simply take 1 tablespoon of liquid (and an Iron pill) and my daily needs are met. 
The next item in the pack was a Concentrated Electrolyte Spray. It is simple to use, just add 5 sprays into my water bottle and I was set. During the early winter months when metabolic efficiency is important it is great to get your electrolytes separate from your training nutrition. I was able to get in all of the electrolytes I needed without adding the normal 200-400 calories of beverages I would normally use. This allowed me to keep my blood sugar stable and improve my metabolic efficiency during the base phase of my training. When the intensity picks up in my training I will add the sprays to my carbohydrate solution drink (PowerBar). 
The next item in the Endropack is an Essential Amino Recovery Patch.  Clinical studies show that essential amino acids help replenish muscles, increase lung function and boost immune system performance.  The best part of this was all I had to do was apply a patch on dry clean skin for 4-8hours after training. When I forget to apply one, I really notice, that’s how well they work.
Lastly is a glutamine tablet to take before going to sleep. High levels of training and racing will deplete the glutamine levels in your skeletal muscles increasing fatigue and the chance of injury. I found that this supplement really reduces my soreness the following day. This supplement works. Most major recovery drinks will provide glutamine in the drinks but I found an extra bonus of taking it at night before bed. 
So to test these supplements I started using the 1 month supply when first building up my training in the offseason. I started taking them right after being hospitalized for Salmonella blood poisoning in October, when I was weak and out of shape.  I started the pack, then ran a 10k Turkey Trot and 2 crit races in the same weekend. I was not speedy but I noticed that I recovered very quickly and was able to get right back into training.  I then started increasing my milage both in the pool and bike and remained energized and recovered throughout. I truly believe that the  quality of the composition and the timing/mode of ingestion of all the athlete specific nutrients in the Enduropack maximize the absorption and benefit to all athletes. Because of this I feel energized, recovered and ready to train everyday. 
Brent Poulsen 
Professional Triathlete