Subaru Vancouver International Triathlon

LifeSport Pros Ready For Subaru Vancouver TriathlonAge Group Race Filling Quickly
The LifeSport pro team will be full force at the upcoming Subaru Vancouver International Triathlon on July 12th.
LifeSport Pro women include Montana’s Linsey Corbin, the top North American finisher at last year’s Hawaii Ironman, Quebec’s Magali Tisseyre who last week in Boise set the fastest woman’s Ironman 70.3 time in the world this year, Hawaii’s Bree Wee – the all-time amateur course record holder at the Hawaii Ironman, and Haley Cooper (US) coming off a recent 4th place pro finish at Ironman Coeur D’Alene.
On the men’s side, Canada’s Brent Poulsen will race alongside teammate American Justin Park.
The LifeSport pros will be up against a strong international field including Ironman Champion Jason Shortis of Australia, defending Vancouver and Ironman Canada Champion Jasper Blake, and 2008 Subaru Shawnigan Lake Champion Jordan Rapp of the US. The women’s side will include defending Champion Cheryl Murphy along with local favorite and last year’s runner up Rachel Kiers.
The team is looking forward to race along the scenic Spanish Banks and UBC Endowment lands while being filmed for a 1 hour national feature of the race on Rogers Sportsnet.
The pro’s aren’t the only one looking forward to this event. So far, over 500 participants are registered in the half iron, sprint, and relay divisions, and have a number of things to look forward to. Not only getting to race with the Pro’s in the same start wave, and feeling the excitement of TV camera’s on the course, but all finishers of the Half will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a VIP trip to Kona for the Ironman Hawaii World Championships this fall.
Another exciting feature in the 2009 event is the “Olympic Battle”. This fun battle consists of sprint relay team of winter Olympians versus a team of summer Olympians. Some of the team members include Darcy Marquardt, Beijing Olympian, and her team of “Rockin’ Olympic Rower Chicks", Gold medallist Ben Rutledge and potential winter Olympians, Derek Wintermans, snow boarder, and Danaka Porter, Bob sleigh.
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Wet Race in Lubbuck, Happy Birthday Carley

Finished 9th Pro @ Buffalosprings 70.3, I think i left my cycling legs in Kansas.
I had a great swim coming out in 4th or 5th with Brandon Marsh about 1minute down to a couple of people of the front. i couldn't get things going on the bike and the pouring rain and high winds made me really nervous and i lost a lot of time. I did what i could on run, but a pretty miserable day with the weather. Today is Carley's birthday and i can hardly walk, although i have spent countless hours walking at 6flags in 95degree weather.
I got Carley a new Camera for her birthday, she is sort of a camera junkie. More pics of all the adventures from Lubbock to come.


Melting in Texas

On Sunday it will be my 3rd time racing Buffalo springs 70.3, i have been 9,10th two years doing the race. I think i am recovered from Kansas and ready to rock but time will tell.
A quick shout out to Kristen @ http://www.xterrawetsuits.com/ for sending me a wetsuit, thank you! i hope it isn't a wetsuit swim, because right now in Texas it is 97degrees feels like "don't leave anything in your car or it will melt." 108. I have been struggling with wetsuit swims so i am hoping the water is warm. It looks like a good field racing, so i am excited :)

I would also like to thank Tim Tarpley for helping out with massage, and the guys at Colonels for putting up with me showing up last minute. Its Carleys birthday on Monday and i still don't have an idea what to get her. I am sure a trip to six flags in 100degree weather will be awesome to recover from the race.
Ironmanlive.com should have live results. #33

Stay Cool!


Great weekend of training, off to Lubbuck for Buffalo springs 70.3 later in the week. Carley and i started watching Dexter. Were addicted to the series already.


Kansas Recovery

Recovering from Kansas! 1$ dollar hot dogs at the Rangers Game. The new Cowboys Stadium looks awesome in the pic above.
Training has been light the past few days so i have been trying to log some hours at work.
I hope watching Baseball isn't as bad as watching a triathlon.


Kansas 70.3

Yesterday I raced Kansas 70.3. I had some GI problems on run and was forced to stop 4 times at the outhouse. I got off the bike in 9th and was excited for a good fast run coming off the bike with Simon Thompson(Olympian), Andrew Hodges, and James Hadley. After 1 mile i knew that my stomach was going to bring down my day. Those guys ran into 6th and 7th, which is disappointing for me moving backwards. Congrats to James Cotter for throwing it down and coming 4th. I think i was 12th pro but i know they are having problems with results and timing. Things happen and i am happy that i am cycling stronger setting myself in striking range of a top 5 performance. Getting off the bike i knew that i would be under 4 hours with a good run so things are starting to come along and i forced myself to jog it out in a 4:07 and finish the race. The next two weeks i will be taking a look at my nutrition and i will try to figure out what is causing the problem. Kansas 70.3 was a great venue with lots of challenging parts, and i hope i have to opportunity to race there again. My next race will be Buffalo Springs 70.3 June 29th.


" You sure your alright? You sure your not coming down with something?"
" I am fine. This peakedness kind of goes with the territory. I forgot how much training is sort of like being ill."
Dobie, blond head cocked like a parrot, tried to discern if he was kidding or not.

He wasn't. He had misplaced the memories of physical uproar caused by the kind of schedule he'd been keeping. He would describe it as an ongoing delicate brutal dance, the pushing of your body right up to the edge, close to injury, to collapse day after day. As he had approached and then surpassed a hundred miles a week, it had all come back to him: the night sweats, the muscles twitching in bed like different wild animals somehow alive to him, the searing panicky thirsts out of nowhere, the random cravings for pickled beets, chicken-fried steak, artichoke hearts, herrings in sour cream, carrot juice. Just in general feverish nervous physical anxiety that seemed to animate a blob of protoplasm vibrating itself into a higher state of physical grace. It did indeed seem to have something in common with pregnancy or illness. (Again to Carthage, John L. Parker, Pg.208.)

Awesome book, The sequel to Once a Runner!

Finished up a big week and weekend and i am enjoying a rest day today. Last week was good and hard, and i even got a few days of work in for my parents.. I am getting excited about Kansas in 2 weeks, but first i must get through another big week, Carley will be in town as well writing a us exam to allow her to practice down here in Texas. The weekend was tough but, i think the heat and humidity was more of a battle.

Saturday- Hard threshold Swim with 10x150 on2mins @ race pace, good to be swimming long course again, however trying to keep up to masters swimmers with paddles was tough but it forced be to push, On to the bike for 3.25hour with 2 intervals one being 45mins, the second being 30mins @ threshold power, (okay it was starting to get hot.) Off the bike for 30minutes @ my goal race pace in 90degree, and 30mins of laying in the grass hydrating and stretching wondering if i was alive still.
Sunday- 13mile run am, it was hot and i saw runners standing under trees off the trail pouring liquid over there heads. I am glad i am starting to get used to the heat again but hydration is very important. Thanks to Chance who saved me at one point and threw me a bottle from his bike while i was out running. It was tough running along the golf course and not stopping in to watch. A swim session in the middle of the day and another little run later in the afternoon along the golf course. After a little ice bath i headed back to the golf course to watch the last couple of holes and the play off, awesome finish to the weekend.