Fun Swims

In an attempt to start blogging again i have shared 5 of my favorite swim workouts that i have pulled out of my log for the past month or so. It was tough narrowing it down but i picked some good ones to help you work on getting out fast at the start and then settling into race pace when you feel like your world is coming crashing down. These swims are always best done with a swim training partner to really help you get the best out of yourself. For some race season has already started and for others it is starting soon so now is the time to get “race ready”. 
Hope you enjoy!

400 choice wu
4x50 buiild on 50s
3x ( 50 start speed heads up into 50kick max/ into 300 as 75 threshold/ 25 max) ri 3 min active recovery
100 bk
2x( 6x 75 on 55send off. hold best pace)
ri- 100 bk
200 cd

500 choice
3x( 50k/ 50 bk/ 50 free) ri 10s
3x( 100k hard into 4x 100 threshold on 1:20)
10x 50 w paddles on 45s
200 cd

500 choice
4x 100 smp ri 15s ( stroke max paddles or fist drill) 
10x 50 w ankle band ri on 50s
4x 500 as 100 start speed/ 300 cruise/ 100 build ri 1 min ( do ez 50 bk)
10x50 w paddles ( string kick) on 45s
200 cd.

600 choice wu
4x (3x 200 on 2:30 send off/ 50 bk/ 50 k)
300 cd
hold best avg on 200's

600 wu 150 swim/ 50k
3 rounds of:
(4x25 fly ( fins optional) 40s
300 pull 1:20 base
2x50 max on 55s
200 pull on 2:50
100 fast on 2:00
600 pull w band buoy and paddles)

200 cd