Texas 70.3

This past Sunday I raced the Texas 70.3 in Galveston Texas. 
Typically I have bad luck in Galveston and most recently last year I got Salmonella blood poisoning and ended up in the hospital after leaving a 5150. 
This year we were expected to have rain and bad winds which is sort of common in Galveston and i am very happy the race organizers kept the swim and didn’t make any irrational decisions based on the weather man. The weather ended up windy at least for most of the pros and there was no lightening in site. 

The Swim
26:08- Before the start my goggles got fogged up. Lesson learned. Even when the horn went I had them on top of my cap because i couldn’t see. I ended up on Mcmahon’s feet for a little while as i purposely lined up beside him with Brandon Marsh just over to the right. I wanted a good hard swim but I ended up lost and unable to see. I assumed that i was in Texas City or Kemah when finally a chase pack caught me and i decided to hang in there and get to the swim exit. Stopping at each buoy to look if you are supposed to turn really isn’t fun. Good news is the swim was not very taxing for me. Bad news is i wanted it to be a very hard swim not a float. 

2:10:00- The bike is an out and back course I immediately rode very hard behind “Big Sexy” Chris Mcdonald. It was a good hard effort and i was wishing i had a bigger chain ring. (Jan Ullrich style) Finally at the turnaround I was back sort of in the mix and riding okay. To make it extra difficult my aero bottle was tossed in the air right outside of the water park at about .5 miles in so i was left with a little Arundul Aero bottle to drink. 

The head wind took its toll on me and i had to sit up a few times loosing some precious speed but i still averaged around 4.3 watts/per kg. I also missed a few bottle drops making my total hydration around 1 bottle which is not great. I most have swallowed more ocean then i thought.  So 3 power gels and 1 small bottle for hydration. Obviously this needs to change for the next one:) 

Power File: 

After an okay bike i felt like if i had a good run i could still move myself up the field. 
Well it was my first 70.3 in 3 years and my legs thought a bit different. This about sums up how i felt running. 

The first loop was okay but then it was a gradual decline in pace. To make matters worse i had huge cramps starting in my quads and the last lap was ugly getting passed by 4-5 guys.  If it wasn't for my sweet ON-Running Cloud Racer 2s i would have never made it to the finish! 

I ended up 15th in a time of 3:57:49.
Thanks to PowerBar, On-Running, EnduroPacks, Rudy Project and Tim Crowley for there continued support. After the race i threw on a EnduroPacks Amino Patch and hit the road for a nice 5hr drive home and back to the pool Monday morning. 

NameCountryDiv RankGender RankOverall RankSwimBikeRunFinishPoints
Cunningham, RichieAUS11100:24:4602:06:2401:12:373:46:113500
Marsh, BrandonUSA22200:23:4602:05:2901:14:323:46:263495
Griffin, LeonAUS33300:24:5102:06:1701:15:153:48:423454
Mcdonald, ChrisAUS44400:26:0402:04:3001:15:443:49:013449
Beals, CodyCAN55500:27:3502:04:4301:15:443:50:413419
Kotsegarov, KirillETH66600:27:3402:04:4401:15:473:50:533415
Millward, CallumNZL77700:24:5402:08:5601:14:343:51:063411
Hanson, MattUSA88800:27:3702:09:4201:13:323:53:423364
Debil-Caux, VictorFRA99900:29:0502:05:3401:17:513:55:233334
Sanders, LionelCAN10101000:27:3802:13:3601:12:083:56:193317
Emge, ClayUSA11111100:27:4402:12:4601:13:043:56:463309
Major, JozsefHUN12121200:27:4502:06:0701:20:343:57:323295
Bjalkemo, GeorgeSWE13131300:27:3902:09:5701:17:123:57:343295
Luft, MikolajPOL14141400:26:0502:09:3001:19:283:57:443292
Poulsen, BrentUSA15151500:26:0802:10:0001:18:583:57:493290
Seear, JamesAUS16161600:23:4102:14:5101:17:403:58:483272
Snilstveit, GudmundNOR17171700:31:0502:04:2201:21:093:59:363258
Anderson, WeslieUSA18181800:27:3802:10:5001:18:053:59:373258
Cool, HannesBEL19191900:26:0702:12:2101:18:373:59:563252
Holderbaum, ChadUSA20202000:27:3202:09:0601:21:114:00:273243

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