Bridgetown ITU PATCO Cup

Bridgetown ITU PATCO Cup

This past Sunday I raced my second PATCO Cup this season and second one since I formally raced ITU back in 2006-2007 or so. I ended up 17th which isn’t a great finish however it’s a step in the right direction. 

Swim- I missed the back of the lead pack by about :15seconds and I was 1minute off the leader Tommy Zaferes who swims at the front of WorldCups and WTS races. A side note is he is a pretty funny guy. I battled the whole swim and never really took a stroke that felt good without being hit. This took a huge amount of energy and was very slow being kicked off the back. Now flip back to Clermont ITU in March where I was 2:20 off the leader and 90seconds off the main pack this was a step in the right direction as I try to get back in decent shape. 

Bike- I ended up riding with 5-6 guys at any given time. The only other athlete that was doing a good job pushing was Dan Feeney from the USA. We dropped some guys and picked some guys up but really it was us two pushing the pace. It was tough and we actually were keeping the time gap pretty even for most of the race. Motivating others to take pulls actually slowed us down. In the end we lost a minute to the main group. This could have been a lot worse but looking back on Clermont ITU where i lost 2-3 mins from the pain pack this is another good step. Missing the main pack by :15seconds eventually turned into 90seconds coming in T2. That is ITU racing! 

Run- It was a tough hot run and I immediately ran and kept pace with Dan who I knew was a good runner. After essentially a 30min TT on the bike it is hard to compare run times but i lost about 1minute per loop so 2mins to the leader and I lost 40sec-1min to guys that race WorldCups or WTS events that made the front pack. 

Overall i will take it and move on to the next couple of races. 8mins off in Clermont to 4mins in Bridgeport. The plan is to keep cutting it down.  Enjoy a few pictures from the race. 

Thank you to Powerbar, Enduropacks, On-Running and Rudy Project Sunglasses for the continued support. 

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